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Munaut Standard Poodle Puppies

Puppy Breath coming soon!

  ‘Aspen’ CH Desert Reef Stand By Me has been bred to GCH Penndragon Masaniello ‘Micah’ and his son, ‘Owen’ GCH Penndragon Owain!

Puppies expected first week of July here in Southern UT!  Aspen has been confirmed pregnant! Contact us to be placed on our list if you are interested in a puppy from this litter.  We would appreciate it if you would also please download, fill out, and return our puppy application via email with your inquiry. You may also request it to be sent to you via email. Thank you for your interest in a Munaut Poodle!

* UPDATE * Today (6/16) was the first day I felt for puppy movement and as I placed my hand on her I immediately felt two little kicks! I proceeded to feel in another area and my hand was greeted by one big kick! All is going well and Aspen is scheduled for an xray on the 29th to give us a head count! We will be setting up the whelping box in the puppy room this coming week!


Download Our Application

Aspen X Micah & Owen

Aspen is a fun and lively girl that enjoys her toys and loves to please. She is excellent with my kids, easy to live with, and enjoys being part of the action around here when things pick up. Her silly antics make her a neighborhood favorite for sure. More of Aspen can be seen on our Champions page.

Micah is a tall, impressive, and elegant dog that has a very calm and pleasing temperament. He is also quite the love bug. I experienced this first hand as I had a chance to spend several days with him last fall. I can now attest to all of the great things I’ve heard about him. His son, Owen, is nothing short of his father with a lot to offer our breed. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Needless to say we are very excited about this breeding. We are expecting very nice poodle puppies soon!

Aspen as a puppy doing some show training

Aspen white standard poodle show puppy
Aspen at her first show
On a hike with the family and Aspen the poodle
My hiking buddy

Aspen April 2017

Aspen in April 2017 almost ready to be bred

Puppy Availability

Are you searching for a new puppy? We are planning to have puppies this summer of 2017. If you are interested in a standard poodle puppy please give me a call or fill out our puppy application and we will be in touch!


Aspen pregnant with one week left to go till delivery.
1 week left to go! She is such a beautiful mother.
Aspen from the side view to see her pregnant silhouette
Not much more room in there!
Aspen in the whelping box with a toy in her mouth.
We are starting to spend more time in the whelping box. Aspen dug through the puppy toy box and found a new favorite to bring with her!

Some of Our Puppies from Previous Litters

Available Adults

We do not have any adults available at this time. However, we may know of some available. You are welcome to contact us if you are searching for an adult.

Guardian Home

A guardian home is a person or family that we sometimes place standard poodle puppies or adults with to keep the dog intact for future breeding purposes. The poodle is co-owned by both the guardian and the breeder. If you are interested in this type of arrangement please call or email me to discuss options.

Standard Poodles Puppies born and raised in UtahOur Standard Poodle Puppies

We are a small hobby breeder located in Santa Clara, UT which borders St. George, Utah. We are a 2 hour drive north of Las Vegas, NV and about a 4 hour drive south from Salt Lake City, UT. Our Kennel will occasionally have poodle puppies for sale available only to good discerning homes. Every puppy is raised in our home underfoot among our family of 5. We have three children under the age of 10 and we are proud to report that our fur babies are very genuinely social with children throughout their lives because of their environment early on. We believe in a high quality diet and minimal vaccinations following Dr. Jean Dodds Vaccination protocol. Rearing our pups as naturally as possible is very important to us for the health and well being of our babies. We want to give our puppies the best forever homes. The opportunity to get to know you and the type of home you can offer them means a lot to us. Please take the time to call, drop us an email or fill out and return our puppy application. We consider every new owner of one of our puppies a part of our extended family and would like to be involved with you and your poodle. It is important if we are to keep track of the quality of our breeding program.

We will post details about any future breedings and other information here on our puppies page.

Our Process for all potential Homes


1. Fill Out an Application

We are a small scale standard poodle breeder and do not breed often. When we do it is to produce a new puppy to carry forward with. We consider every puppy that we breed a part of our family and only sell to approved homes. Because we want our extended family members to be happy, well cared for and matched up with the best possible family, we ask that you either fill out our online puppy application or that you download and fill out our puppy application. Once completed please mail it back to us. This is the first step and provides a great resource for us in understanding your desires and needs so that we can help match you with the right puppy. It also helps us to know which areas we can help you in. We perform temperament testing at 7 weeks and have been very successful using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Method combined with our own observations. If you choose to download the puppy application please email it back to us at We are excited to learn more about you and your family and to have you experience the same joy that Standard Poodles bring to our lives.

2. Leave a Refundable Deposit

Should you accept the terms of our contract we ask that you please leave a refundable deposit once the puppies are born if there looks to be a male or female of the correct color you desire. Temperament testing is professionally performed at around 7 weeks old. After testing is completed if there looks to be a puppy that does not meet your needs then your deposit is returned.

                    3. Picking up your new Puppy!

We prefer that you come to visit us at our home so that we can have the opportunity to meet you. We like for you to see how we raise our puppies, and for you to have a chance to visit with our dogs. It is well worth it we promise! We have shipped our poodle puppies in the past or arranged for a transport when it is absolutely necessary but this is not our preference and suggest against it due to circumstances out of our control with airlines etc. Please consider coming to visit us in southern UT we would love to have you meet your new best friend in person!


Why Should Your Family Get A Standard Poodle?

The Standard Poodle is a wonderful dog breed.  At the Westminster Dog Show, the standard poodle was announced as the ultimate man’s dog. They can swim, work, and be a great companion. They have excelled in all manner of canine sports and activities. An exceptionally high level of intelligence is what you can expect from a standard poodle as well as many other capabilities that people love. The best qualities are that they can be active when needed, willing to please, loyal, non-shedding, and as I mentioned above are very smart according to the AKC standard poodle page. They are excellent family dogs and are great with children.

If you have never owned one you may not know much about them. Often, they are highly misunderstood. Sometimes people tend to overlook their amazing qualities because of their “oddly” trimmed coat. Poodles have roots as water fowl retrievers in cold icy waters. They are shown in AKC in a trim that resembles the trim they were given years ago for mobility and protection of their joints and vital organs while working in the water. A poodle in a show trim may look fancy but the Standard Poodle is anything but a “fou-fou” dog.

If you are looking for the perfect companion and are after a smart, loyal, non-shedding, and all around great dog then you are looking for a standard poodle!

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