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We have one male phantom standard poodle puppy available from our litter born June 1st 2019! He will be 8 weeks on July 27th.

Phantom-Standard-Poodle-PuppyStandard-Poodle-Puppy-For SalePlease fill out our online application and then feel free to reach out to us after doing so if you would like to reach us before we contact you. We can be reached by phone or email. (801) 389-2559 / 

CH Munaut Desert Reef Stand By Me standard poodle puppiesGCH Rendezvous Mr. Playboy "Hugh"

CH Munaut Desert Reef Stand By Me “Aspen” has been bred to GCH Rendezvous Mr. Play Boy “Hugh”. They are expecting their litter on June 3rd 2019! Aspen had an ultrasound on May 8th to confirm pregnancy. We are hoping for a successful delivery with puppies in White, Black, and possibly Blue. Aspen is doing great and she is starting to slow down a bit from carrying her growing precious cargo. She has a healthy appetite and has been enjoying her daily belly rubs. Her little 3 yr old person here is very excited for her to bring puppies to our home for her love and help take care of.

HUGH: Hugh is a nice tempered dog who was very friendly and quite the gentleman when we took the trip to visit him in southern CA.  He lives in a home with children and has sired quite a few litters which makes it great to see what he has produced. We had the opportunity to meet several of his offspring on our visit. Also, several of our breeder friends who have used him spoke very highly of the puppies he produced. Hugh is a nice sized dog of around 25+” at the withers and has a very inky black coat.

ASPEN: We can not say enough good things about Aspen. She is the happiest most willing to please girl that I know. She loves being with her people and of course her many toys. Her favorites are the squeaky ones or large stuffed ones she can carry around with her. She brings a wonderful presence to our home and we all love her. Her first litter she produced puppies that were a lot like her so it will be fun to see what breeding to Hugh with bring. Aspen is about 23″ at the withers and weighs around 38-40lbs. She produced 4 females around 23-23.5″ and a  25.25″ male her first litter.

Aspen as a puppy doing some show training

Aspen white standard poodle show puppy
Aspen at her first show
On a hike with the family and Aspen the poodle
My hiking buddy


Aspen in April 2017 almost ready to be bred

Aspen had her pregnancy xray on the morning of 5-30-2019. We think we see 6-7 puppies. What do you think?

The pregnancy xray image of Aspen and Hugh puppies

We Have Puppies!

Aspen and Hugh’s precious puppies were born on Sat, June 1st, 2019! We had a litter of 6 beautiful healthy and strong babies! We have 4 boys and 2 girls! We also have a first for us..there are two males that have some lighter hairs on the bottom of their legs and tail. Although we are not aware of a potential phantom gene on either side there is the very rare chance that they could be lightly marked phantoms judging only from the markings! We are very curious and time will tell! In order of birth are:

  1. 12:57 pm White Female (Red Collar) weighed 12.42 oz
  2. 1:58 pm Dark Male -will most likely be black or blue (Blue Collar) weighed 12.70 oz
  3. 2:29 pm Dark Male -possibly phantom (Light Green Collar) 12.82 oz
  4. 2:49 pm Dark Male -possible phantom (Dark Green Collar) 13.53 oz

We had a long 8.5 hr worrisome pause where the known at least two puppies did not come down for some time. They could be felt very high up and contractions stopped for the most part during this time. We were able to feel them move about and with some help getting her contractions to start back up again at the end she was able to deliver our last two very special and very lucky last two. We are thankful that all were okay!

5. 11:22 pm White Male (Black Collar) weighed 11.85 oz

6. 11:40 pm Dark Female -will most likely be Black or Blue (pink collar) weighed 11.52 oz

Mother Aspen is being an incredibly good, attentive mother and is concerned for their well being. The puppies are strong finding their way to mom very quickly as they climb and tumble all over each other! We had to laugh the other day as one of the green collar boys climbed his way up on to his mother’s side to sleep. He sprawled out in her soft warm fur but continued to slowly slip back down until he plopped right on top of one of his nursing siblings that let out a shocked squeal! They are so fun to watch and such a miracle to witness every time. The puppies also had their first contact with a child. We let Eve in supervised of course to be able to give them some soft petting. They are still very young to be handled much. I have started some early neurological stimulation with each one of them today (the 3rd). I will continue to sleep in their whelping room with them for at least this first week as they are still very vulnerable that way I can hear if anything is wrong. I will be able to post more photos soon as things begin to settle a little better but here are a few!

Aspen and Hugh puppies 3 days old

One week old today!

Hard to believe a week has gone by for us all here since last Sat when these little precious pups came to be in our home. They have gone from skinny little newborns to looking much more plump and have grown a ton! I have been very surprised by how efficient these little ones are at finding their mother. Usually we have to step in and help a little bit here and there but these little ones have it down! They must have good noses! We have enjoyed watching them grow stronger every day. Most of them, especially the two green collared boys, are very mobile and practically up on all fours! Their eyes will open sometime next week close to their two weeks old mark. We can’t wait to see those little peepers! The puppies had a few visitors on this day. One was a good friend who owns their half sister ‘Luna’ and the other was our little girl’s best friend who was allowed to come take a look at them. Then, we had a very “special visitor”…Princess Elsa who was so excited to be able to take a picture in the whelping box with them. She also liked that her dress matched their current bedding. Okay well that is it till our next update!

2 Weeks old!

It is our two week old mark! Ours little eyes are all open! We can see a bit now and some of us are really curious when we see something new. We are becoming a more mobile but still don’t move around very much except for when we can smell mom or when we are hungry. Most of the time we fill up our tummies and sleep-a LOT! It is hard for our humans to catch a video of us moving because we fall back asleep pretty quickly. Our humans took a picture of some of our faces when our eyes were open. On our two week birthday we had our first puppy pad laid down. We surprised our humans by three of us going potty all on our own within minutes of smelling those encouraging scents on the pad. Our mom still cleans us up so good that we really don’t need a potty pad yet but the training starts early around here. We have been growing and gaining a ton. Mom has gotta eat a lot so she can keep up with us. The kids have held us a lot these last few days. We like how gentle they are and how they snuggle us on their laps. Our collars keep falling off especially black collar brother and pink collar sister. It seems to always be those two. Blue collar boy has learned to use his lung power a little bit and has been making some funny growl sounds. He knows how to call for mom when he is hungry. Light green is the heaviest puppy right now. He is like a football player and likes to plow through the milk line knocking off the siblings in search for the perfect spot. Most of us are not far behind him in weight though. Pink girl made it to 2nd heaviest when she was one of the smallest born. Dark green collar has been very observant of his surroundings the most and looks the humans in the eye. He will even walk toward them. He opened his eyes the most first so we thing he sees the best right now. Red girl is often found lying on her back in a feet up position. She is pretty quick on the move and usually makes it to mom the fastest. Okay well we look forward to discovering more this next week! Our humans are starting to add a few toys to our area so we can become used to different textures and sounds close by. Mom loves our toys too!

Aspen and Hugh puppies 2 weeks old!

Aspen and Hugh puppies almost 2.5 weeks old!

3 Weeks old!

Where has the time gone? These little bundles of joy are officially 3 weeks old now! It is crazy for us all to watch how much they grow and develop every day. The white boy was the first puppy we saw to run in the whelping box at 3 weeks old! That was so exciting and fun for us all to witness. We are introducing new sights, smells and sounds to these little ones daily.  Next week they will start to learn to lap up some goats milk mixture which we will start to add various other types of foods to one by one. They are starting to play with toys and some really love the ones that make a crinkly sound. We do expect to see someone attempt to get out of the box this next week. Stay tuned to see who the first one is! Well that wraps up our week! We took a nice long video below of when they just woke up so it took a few moments to start seeing them move about but they are definitely mobile!

We are 3 weeks old!

3.5 weeks old

4.5 weeks old!

At 4 weeks old on the mark we gave them some of their first taste of goat’s milk formula to learn to lap. They did amazing! Probably the cleanest litter yet we couldn’t believe it! Then that all fell apart and the second time they were more daring with a few feet into the mix! They are getting much better at eating and we have added some beef to their mixture. They LOVE it! We will try chicken in a day or so. At 4.5 weeks old we shaved their faces! What beautiful little faces to see they are really pretty puppies. They were even quite good for face shaving the first time we will see how round two goes next week! The puppies also graduated from their thin collars to larger ones after face shaving. As they start to tug and pull on their siblings these are much better being slick elastic that can slide right off. So, we do have a winner of the first to climb out out of the puppy box!…Light Green Boy! Found running around the puppy room on the evening of July 1st! Sometimes we find them whimpering to get back to their siblings but not this guy. He was having a party with himself running around with all the new additional sights and smells. Okay well that is all for now!

5.5 weeks old!

These little cuties have gone from 0-60 in just 5 weeks! They are lively, active and learning all sorts of great lessons from roughing and tumbling with theirs siblings! The puppies also received an upgrade to their pen. We added on the weaning pen and so now they enjoy jumping from one side to the other. The light green boy was the first to cross over as the whole family sat on the other end encouraging them and rooting for each one as they hopped over the center divider. It didn’t take long for it to become a game as they proudly hopped back and forth feeling pretty good about themselves. Things have been going great on their transition to solid foods. They have tried a good number of various protein sources and were offered kibble for the first time a few days ago. They weren’t incredibly interested but we will continue to offer it so that they will eventually become accustomed to eating it. They much prefer the raw foods we offer and of course mom is still their favorite! They have had some chicken wings to chew on and some other types of natural healthy chews. Below is a video of them as I came home the other evening after they had just woken up from a long nap.  They were having a good ol’ time!

5.5 weeks old

6 weeks and 2 days old outside!

What fun it is when the puppies are able to run and play outside! Being right in the middle of the hot summer we try to give them their longest time to play in the mornings and evenings. In the video below this evening we hosed off the yard and let them loose! They have been going outside for a few days now and becoming more and more comfortable with all the new sights and sounds. Our little one loves to run and play with them. They love her too! Because they have been going outside and starting kibble they are now drinking water and becoming less and less dependent on mom. We are sure she feels the relief! This next week we will finish taking the rest of the puppies for their first car ride. We have already taken a few and so far no one has had any sick tummies. We will also expand their pen to a larger area that will have crates. Once they are starting to sleep in them with the doors open we will begin closing some of them in at night. Okay well that is it for now!

6 weeks and 2 days old playing outside

One day shy of 7 weeks!

7 weeks is a fun age…teeth, attitude, legs that can run for days, and curiosity galore! Haha these little ones are busy and enjoying life! The family here continues to love to hold them and laugh at their silly antics. What a joy they are and what happiness they will bring to their new families. They have had some fun toys being added daily. They discovered small tennis balls were a favorite especially when they can hold them in their mouth and play keep away from the siblings. All sorts of new chews have been introduced. The bully sticks have been a hit and they typically get one of these when it’s their turn to spend some time in the crate. A few recently went on their first car ride and we will continue to take two at a time out on short trips. The quick video we will post below is of them this morning after some fun play outside. This is them tired and ready for a nap! The set up they are in is somewhat similar to what we suggest setting up for your puppy. Instead of using the whelping box you will lay down or tape down your mattress pad and lay puppy pads over it. The puppies are getting used to going immediately outside when they wake up and approx 10-15 min after eating. We are taking them outside often. This is important when you bring your puppy home. Eventually you can remove puppy pads and then start to gradually give them more room to play in the house. Each puppy is different but we generally say that by 4-5 months of age you can consider your puppy fully house trained. We do suggest the use of a kennel. Should they have a house training relapse the crate is there and works wonders by quickly reteaching them to hold their potty through the night. We do not encourage late night feedings for crate training. If you have a doggy door house breaking can significantly speed up their training but we do suggest that they are always supervised outside for the first few months.

The puppies had their temperament testing done at seven weeks old! The tester was very impressed and they all scored very well. They are going to be an easy bunch! Okay well that is it until next week’s update!

Almost 7 weeks old!

Approaching 8 weeks old!


Two days shy of 8 weeks old I can’t believe it! Today these fun kids had a great time outside in the cooler morning temperatures. After a good run we brought them back inside and took them out one by one for some leash training. Yesterday the puppies found the best toy…and empty soda pop bottle. I think they must have played with that for a good 30 minutes all chasing it around their pen as it bounced and rolled around. What a fun thing for us all to watch. Tomorrow we will start our conformation evaluations. 8 weeks is the best time to view them as they could be structurally as adults. We have to say thought that we are already very pleased with how they have all turned out. It isn’t all that often that you end up with an entire litter that could all be show worthy. That has been so great to see. We may or may not post again after this time. It is a bittersweet time for us as we know that the moment will come for them to go to their new loving homes. What a wonderful litter this has been. We hope and pray that all of those taking these special puppies will love and cherish them as we do.

2 days shy of 8 weeks old!

Our Past Litter

We have left up an example of posts from one of our previous litters below so that you may see how we try to keep regular updates with comments, pictures and of course videos as they grow.

  ‘Aspen’ CH Munaut Desert Reef Stand By Me has been bred to GCH Penndragon Masaniello ‘Micah’ and his son, ‘Owen’ GCH Penndragon Owain! *update* after DNA testing they were all Owen’s babies!

Puppies expected first week of July here in Southern UT!  Aspen has been confirmed pregnant! Contact us to be placed on our list if you are interested in a puppy from this litter.  We would appreciate it if you would also please download, fill out, and return our puppy application via email with your inquiry. You may also request it to be sent to you via email. Thank you for your interest in a Munaut Poodle!

* UPDATE * Today (6/16) was the first day I felt for puppy movement and as I placed my hand on her I immediately felt two little kicks! I proceeded to feel in another area and my hand was greeted by one big kick! All is going well and Aspen is scheduled for an xray on the 29th to give us a head count! We will be setting up the whelping box in the puppy room this coming week!

*UPDATE* Aspen her babies! She went into labor on Sat July 1st and had her first baby born at 11:13pm! She had 1 male and 5 females although one of the females was born very premature and sadly after a long heartbreaking struggle she did not make it. We are thankful for the time we did get to spend with this sweet puppy. The others were good sized pups with nice weights and very strong. Here is the order, weight, and time that they were born:

  • Light pink girl  11.3oz  at 11:13pm
  • Green boy 14.8oz at 11:35pm
  • Red girl 10.8oz at 11:48pm
  • Dark pink girl 11.7 oz at 12:52am (into Sunday)
  • Our sweet little preemie girl 4.1oz at 1:11am
  • Yellow girl 11.3oz at 2:29am

*These puppies have all been spoken for. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list to be notified if one becomes available then please fill out our application. If you would like to be placed on our list for our litter around the end of this year then please let us know before it fills up and we can give you more information. That will be the last litter for us for several years.*

Aspen X Micah & Owen

Aspen is a fun and lively girl that enjoys her toys and loves to please. She is excellent with my kids, easy to live with, and enjoys being part of the action around here when things pick up. Her silly antics make her a neighborhood favorite for sure. More of Aspen can be seen on our Champions page.

Micah is a tall, impressive, and elegant dog that has a very calm and pleasing temperament. He is also quite the love bug. I experienced this first hand as I had a chance to spend several days with him last fall. I can now attest to all of the great things I’ve heard about him. His son, Owen, is nothing short of his father with a lot to offer our breed. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Needless to say we are very excited about this breeding. We are expecting very nice poodle puppies soon!

Aspen had her xray! We think we see at least 5 puppies although there looks to be a slight possibility of six judging from what appears to be tiny leg bones over to the far right. In an case we are excited for these littles to arrive soon! Now we play the waiting game!

photo of the xray Aspen had done on 6-29-17
Aspen’s xray

The Puppies 1st week!

Aspen is being an excellent mother and loving her sweet babies. They are so strong and several were cruising around the whelping box from day one! They have been eating well and gaining weight all along the way. The children have sure enjoyed being able to watch them and their funny little movements and sounds. We are performing daily early neurological stimulation exercises and they are already being exposed to a variety of new things each day.

The puppies less then 24 hours oldAspen with her precious puppiespuppy sleeping on its back comfortably

The Puppies 2nd week!

These little pups are sure becoming busy bodies as they are starting to open their eyes and explore their new world. We have started adding a potty pad which some have been using already. They have been trying some new floor textures and toys. Eve just loves squeaking their toys by them in hopes they will come play with them. A few have been spotted having little dreams and heard making little yelps in their sleep. Yellow girl gave me a good little grrr as I rubbed her sides a little rough! They are so fun to watch as they stumble around trying to keep their balance. When mom enters they are quick to find her and load up their tummies. All is well and that wraps up week two for these little precious angels.

Boys and Poodle Puppies

Aspen's babies two weeks old

The Puppies 3rd week!

What a busy and fun week it has been. There is nothing holding these little ones back as their eyes all opened at the start of the week (some a bit sooner) and they can see, hear and track down mom much faster! They are interacting with each other and the world around them more and more each day. We still have two days to go until they officially hit a full 3 weeks old but here is a video of them taken last night as they romped around. Poor momma Aspen can be heard whining in the background as she wants to run to their rescue and check on them every time she hears any kind of a yelp, growl, or squeek. She is an excellent mother and we are so proud. Enjoy the puppy fix for the day!

Aspen's babies 2.5+ weeks old

The Puppies 4th week!

As we hit the middle of this week the puppies will start to learn to lap up food. It is the early phases of weaning time. By the end of the week they will have started to eat goat’s milk formula and then gradually we will be mixing in raw meat. We will be sure to take some pictures of the first time as it is quite the event. They wear more then they tend to eat. Kids are having a blast every chance they can get with them. We have invited a number of visitors already but will step that up a bit at the 4 week peak mark. We put a mini tennis ball in there for them and a few thought that was pretty interesting. They continue to receive new toys and smells daily. At the end of the week we will be shaving faces! Stay tuned for those pics!

Three weeks old and 1 day!

More of them playing on day 22

Faces Shaved!

The Puppies 5th week!

Where do we start with how much has gone on this week? So may new things for these little ones. The pups have been eating a variety of new raw meat protein sources. They are teething like crazy and learning to rip meat from bones. We have had a large amount of new visitors over to see them and they all seem to enjoy being held and loved up by all. Our kids are of course their biggest fans as they continue to jump in the puppy pen daily for a good time. We had some company come visit as well this week so the new sights and sounds in the home were interesting to them. We have been bringing them out to explore one by one in our living room to slowly introduce them to being in a new environment. Some have taken a real good notice of the TV especially light pink girl that took a long pause to watch it! They have all been very good about being away from their “home” with no complaints! In the next day or so we will allow the puppies to venture outside for the first time! It will be a very exciting experience for them. They will also receive their first bit of water. We will also be transitioning them to a larger more stationary pen in the middle of our living room soon!

Almost 5 weeks old!

The Puppies 6th week!

Lots happening this week! Enjoy some of our captured adventures!

5.5 weeks old and time for bed!

The Puppies 7th week!

At the beginning of the week the puppies spent their last time in the whelping box and weaning pen. They were transitioned into the open dining room with all of us for more room and an easy access to the outside. Boy how they’ve grown! These little pups have sure grown some long legs and are learning how to use them to race around the yard! They have have been so fun to watch. They are of course learning too that there are many things outside that you do not eat. Mamma Aspen has been doing a fine job of policing their activities. They learn from her when its time to settle down. When we water the plants outside they are usually out with us enjoying the little sprinkles of water on their faces. They are now masters of going up and down the two steps on our patio. They are just about 100% weaned from mom. They have eaten a diet full of a variety of protein sources including, turkey, chicken, beef, pork, bison, venison, lamb and duck. I will also add a picture of the raw diet they have been on. They have also had chicken wings, drums and  On Monday we incorporated some of the early phases of clicker training  called “loading the clicker” to help form the understanding that something is expected of them. We will continue to do small sessions of this throughout their remaining time with us. We also crumpled up a ball of paper to throw. They loved this and ran after it bringing it back to us often. There are some nice little retrievers here! At the end of this week we will be giving them their first bath along with another face feet and tail shave. They will also have their first car ride. Crate training will begin this week too with small sessions in their crates with some yummy chews to associate positive things while inside. Here are some pics of them this week and I will see about uploading a video too.

The Puppies current diet

As you know we are big supporters of raw feeding. We believe that there is absolutely nothing better than the natural species appropriate diet of raw meats, organs, bones and small amounts of varies vegetation. Our pups are primarily raised on raw foods but are introduced to a small amount of grain free high quality kibble around 7 weeks old. We highly suggest that you continue to feed your new puppy a raw or sometimes called BARF diet. Many natural pet health food stores or specialty stores are carrying raw food now either frozen or freeze dried. Here is a picture of the variety of diet these pups are currently on. Some of the primary brands we use are Primal, Stella & Chewy’s, Tuckers, and Small Batch. We use a variety of protien sources but mainly feed chicken, beef, pork, and duck. We only give very limited amounts of lamb, turkey, venison, and rabbit for various reasons. We also give them raw chicken wings, chicken necks and turkey necks, chicken hearts and liver. They also enjoy frozen green tripe as supplemental feeding. Some of these items can also be ordered online from places like etc. We highly suggest searching for local stores that supply raw food for your poodle. Raw fed dogs have higher chances of living much healthier enriched lives overall.

Raw food diet for puppies

We introduce minimal amounts of kibble as mentioned above solely for convenience for their owners that choose not to feed raw or may want to do a combination of both. Keep in mind that raw and kibble are never to be fed together at the same time. Kibble requires a totally different ph level in the gut to digest and also travels at a different rate of digestion. You do not want to allow bacteria to sit in there longer then it is naturally supposed to or cause a blockage so do not ever feed the two together. We typically will feed raw in the am, two raw meals in the afternoon and then kibble at night to help hold them over until the AM. We do not always feed kibble but when we do this is how we usually do it. The puppies were fed kibble kibble in the AM during the below video for the first time only because if I had an issue with any of it I would be able to get them to a vet during regular business hours. The below photo is of the kibble we introduce. Fromm Game Bird and Taste of the Wild Puppy are the two we mix. I use Taste of The Wild because it is easy for most to find locally. Fromm is a bit harder. Taste of the wild is an okay food but should really not be fed by itself. As long as they are getting raw food during the day it is fine to feed. Fromm is a great food if you can find it. We also always wet the kibble by soaking it in water. We sometimes also add a tablespoon of a high quality grain free canned food. Evangers is one of our favorite brands.


kibble for the puppies

7 weeks old tomorrow!

The Puppies 8th week!

At the start of this week on day 50 the puppies were temperament tested. We were very pleased to gain a second opinion and find out a little more about these special individuals 🙂 The puppies have started sleeping in the crate. We still have a few whiners but they are beginning to feel more comfortable especially with lots of yummy chews inside. They are on average sleeping between 5-6 hours before they need to be let outside.

We suggest that those that are expecting to bring a puppy home that you prepare now if you haven’t already for an enclosed area that consists of a space for play lined with a small rug or blankets that wont slip around too much, a potty area with potty pads, as well as a small crate or a large one with a divider so as to not allow too much room in the kennel while they are small. They should be able to minimally stand up and turn around. We also suggest a few healthy chews on hand for them to enjoy while in their crate at night. During the day we leave the crate door open for them to come and go as they please, Also, fresh distilled water should be available to them at all times in a clean stainless steel bowl (never plastic). We us a small pail that we attach the handle to the side of the exercise pen with two lobster clasps to keep it in place.

I have a lot of people ask about how we set up the potty for for the potty area we buy twin mattress toppers or smaller ones and tape the corners to the floor. We then place our pads on top of that and the outside edges under the xpen to keep from sliding. We position the potty area in the general direction of the exit to the outside but enough away from where they exit the gate of the xpen.  If you can place your confined area close to the door to be let out I promise your life will be much easier and convenient for letting pup out regularly. We only need to wash the topper every few days or so with 5 puppies 🙂 It helps to protect your floor. The puppies will learn to fully eliminate outside eventually and the idea is that you should always take them outside immediately when they awake and 10-15 min after eating. As they slowly gain the trust in the house you can eventually take away their enclosure leaving only the pads if you wish. Continue to be consistent and you will be on your way to a fully house trained pup in a short amount of time. I usually find myself completely removing the topper and pads around 14 weeks old. That tends to be a little quick for me because the pups were raised here and never had to go through a transition phase. Always treat the puppy like it has never learned anything about housebreaking from the get-go. It is a new home completely unknown to them so be prepare to be very consisted to establish a routine right off the bat. I also sometimes just use the mattress topper with no pads. It is basically left near the door and provides a place if the puppy “has” to elimiate rather then learning to go just anywhere. You can also buy potty attractant sprays and give it a slight mist to encourage where elimination should happen. Most are fully trained/trusted by 4-6 months old on average. Keep in mind that it is common for dogs to take steps backwards but you should continue to be consistent and always revert to the crate again if you chose to let them sleep outside of it at night. Crate training is the easiest best thing for them in our opinion while they are at least young and learning. I had one that at almost a year old for whatever reason started having accidents in the house. She had been trusted since she was 4 months old and had not been sleeping in a closed door crate since then. Well, after that she went back into a crate for a week and then she never did it again! The crate is your dogs den and should be a happy comfortable safe place for them where they can go to. We never suggest giving new puppies full reign of the home. You are asking for more work for yourself if you start off this way. Know ahead of time where everything will be set up and have it ready before puppy comes home. I am happy to help walk anyone through our process to help set up the puppy for the quickest chances of success.

As a side note today 8-20-17 was the first time the pups learned on their own to use the dog door. Now the reason this is impressive is because our dog door leads to a long narrow ramp that goes down to the ground outside. The puppies all climbed up and down it today! The boy did it first and they were soon to follow! I walked into the kitchen to find him inside drinking the adults water when he was supposed to playing outside! Smart cookies these pups are and to have gone up a ramp and through a double flap dog door on their own was very impressive!

We will be taking our first car ride tomorrow and some light leash training will commence over the next few days. Please bear with me on a lack of photos and videos to upload as I will be very busy working with these pups. I will try to get some posted though if I have a chance to. Okay bye for now!

7.5 weeks Save the baby!

Aspen pregnant with one week left to go till delivery.
1 week left to go! She is such a beautiful mother.
Aspen from the side view to see her pregnant silhouette
Not much more room in there!
Aspen in the whelping box with a toy in her mouth.
We are starting to spend more time in the whelping box. Aspen dug through the puppy toy box and found a new favorite to bring with her!

Puppy Availability

Are you searching for a new puppy? We are planning to have puppies this summer of 2019. If you are interested in a standard poodle puppy please give me a call or fill out our puppy application and we will be in touch!

Some of Our Puppies from Previous Litters

Available Adults

If we have any adults available we might post it above. We also might know of some available. You are welcome to contact us if you are searching for an adult.

Guardian Home

A guardian home is a person or family that we sometimes place standard poodle puppies or adults with to keep the dog intact for future breeding purposes. The poodle is co-owned by both the guardian and the breeder. If you are interested in this type of arrangement please call or email me to discuss options.

Standard Poodles Puppies born and raised in UtahOur Standard Poodle Puppies

We are a small hobby breeder located in Santa Clara, UT which borders St. George, Utah. We are a 2 hour drive north of Las Vegas, NV and about a 4 hour drive south from Salt Lake City, UT. Our Kennel will occasionally have poodle puppies for sale available only to good discerning homes. Every puppy is raised in our home underfoot among our family of 5. We have three children under the age of 10 and we are proud to report that our fur babies are very genuinely social with children throughout their lives because of their environment early on. We believe in a high quality diet and minimal vaccinations following Dr. Jean Dodds Vaccination protocol. Rearing our pups as naturally as possible is very important to us for the health and well being of our babies. We want to give our puppies the best forever homes. The opportunity to get to know you and the type of home you can offer them means a lot to us. Please take the time to call, drop us an email or fill out and return our puppy application. We consider every new owner of one of our puppies a part of our extended family and would like to be involved with you and your poodle. It is important if we are to keep track of the quality of our breeding program.

We will post details about any future breedings and other information here on our puppies page.

Our Process for all potential Homes


1. Fill Out an Application

We are a small scale standard poodle breeder and do not breed often. When we do it is to produce a new puppy to carry forward with. We consider every puppy that we breed a part of our family and only sell to approved homes. Because we want our extended family members to be happy, well cared for and matched up with the best possible family, we ask that you either fill out our online puppy application. This is the first step and provides a great resource for us in understanding your desires and needs so that we can help match you with the right puppy. It also helps us to know which areas we can help you in. We are excited to learn more about you and your family and to have you experience the same joy that Standard Poodles bring to our lives.

2. Leave a Refundable Deposit

Once puppies are born we will send out our contract to you if there looks to possibly be a puppy available for you based on the color and gender you specified. Should you accept the terms of our contract we ask that you please send in a $500 refundable deposit within a week of receiving our contract. Temperament testing is professionally performed at around 7 weeks old. After testing is completed we will let you know by 8 weeks old if a puppy is available for you based on test results. If no puppy is a good match then your deposit is returned.

                    3. Picking up your new Puppy!

We prefer that you come to visit us at our home so that we can have the opportunity to meet you. We like for you to see how we raise our puppies, and for you to have a chance to visit with our dogs. It is well worth it we promise! We have shipped our poodle puppies in the past or arranged for a transport when it is absolutely necessary but this is not our preference and suggest against it due to circumstances out of our control with airlines etc. Please consider coming to visit us in southern UT. We would love to have you meet your new best friend in person!


Why Should Your Family Get A Standard Poodle?

The Standard Poodle is a wonderful dog breed.  At the Westminster Dog Show, the standard poodle was announced as the ultimate man’s dog. They can swim, work, and be a great companion. They have excelled in all manner of canine sports and activities. An exceptionally high level of intelligence is what you can expect from a standard poodle as well as many other capabilities that people love. The best qualities are that they can be active when needed, willing to please, loyal, non-shedding, and as I mentioned above are very smart according to the AKC standard poodle page. They are excellent family dogs and are great with children.

If you have never owned one you may not know much about them. Often, they are highly misunderstood. Sometimes people tend to overlook their amazing qualities because of their “oddly” trimmed coat. Poodles have roots as water fowl retrievers in cold icy waters. They are shown in AKC in a trim that resembles the trim they were given years ago for mobility and protection of their joints and vital organs while working in the water. A poodle in a show trim may look fancy but the Standard Poodle is anything but a “fou-fou” dog. Pet trims do not need to be fancy trims and can be simple and easy to maintaine. Some poodle trims like the German Sporting trim for instance can look quite masculine while others like a lamb trim can be elegant yet practical.

If you are looking for the perfect companion and are after a smart, loyal, non-shedding, and all around great dog then you are looking for a standard poodle!

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